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The reunion is over, now what?
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August 20, 2013

The next steps, though easy to forget can be among the most important. Write a short questionnaire to determine what each participant thought about the location, activities or food.

Determine whether the accommodations were suitable in terms of convenience, ambience, or price.
Ask for suggestions for future reunions.

But most of all, don’t forget the “Memory Makers” says George Butler, a professional photographer based in Philadelphia.

“People will go through all of the expense of planning an event, but neglect to take the time or budget for photos of the event,” he said.

These days Butler focuses on portrait photography, though he has 30-year of experiences photographing brides, reunions and conventions. He suggests placing a professional photographer into the reunion budget. But if that is not possible Butler says gather photos from the event and compile into an event photo album.
With the assistance of a tech savvy member of the group, use photo programs such as Photoshop®, or Photo Elements® to create photo albums and scrapbooks. These days online website ranging from drugstore websites to other such as www.Piccaboo.com, www.snapfish.com or www.vistaprint.com allow you to create an official photographic website of your event in just a few hours.


Dress up your scrapbook by collecting free souvenirs of your trip such as maps, restaurant menus, playbills, luggage tags or ticket receipts.

Each member can either download a copy of the album for personal use or you can use this opportunity as a fundraiser for the next reunion.

Whichever you choose make sure you record the special event.

Whether planning a family, fraternity or girlfriends’ getaway order the complete Pathfinders Guide to Great Reunion for just $5.