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Disney Magic in Texas Adult Enchantment (and, yes, the kids, too)
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April 29, 2013

Disney Magic in Texas Adult Enchantment (and, yes, the kids, too) by P.J. Thomas


Posing with Captain Mckey


Good fortune washed ashore when the Disney Magic sailed into the Port of Galveston for the first time in 2012, making the cruise available to anyone within driving distances from Oklahoma to Denver. Cruise passengers leave their cars at the port parking lot and enjoy a variety of four- or six-night cruises, or even a special eight-night cruise that includes a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The Disney Magic holds 2,713 passengers and an attentive crew of 950. A number of its 877 staterooms are artfully designed to cater to a family of four.
Anyone who has ever visited one of its theme parks knows Disney is renowned for extraordinary cleanliness, friendly staff, and attention to the smallest of details. The cruise ships are no exception, and though Disney became famous catering to kids, about 20-percent of cruisers travel without children, many of whom are old enough to remember the original M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e Club (the Black and White version).

Take Clinton and Sarah Cottrell of Anchorage, Alaska for example. The couple has been to Disney World at least 20 times in their short five-year marriage and stayed at every resort hotel in Disney Village. “But we prefer cruises,” said Clinton, 27, a self-described, “Disney Whacko”.
Michael Kuzma, a software consultant from New York City, has been on 30 Disney Cruises. He is a member of the 4321 club, a group of cruisers who sailed on 4 ships, from 3 ports, and 2 coasts in one year.
“I love the level of service Disney Cruise Lines provides,” said Kuzma, who makes a point to cruise on inaugural sailings. “The crew has worked hard to present the itinerary, shows, and menus and it is great to celebrate the success.” The Disney Wonder has a tasteful Art Deco design and Walt Disney characters are in very subtle influences throughout the ship’s décor. Each of the four Disney ships—the Magic, the Wonder, the Dream, and the Fantasy–offers a unique dining concept that allows guests to rotate to a different restaurant each evening. The wait staff rotates with the guests, providing a feeling of familiarity when one is called by name.

Adult-only areas include the spa, Quiet Cove Pool, sun deck and the lounges in the evening. There is no casino onboard, but gamblers get their game on through daily rounds of some serious bingo where the prize money can reach $5000. The restaurant menus cater to discerning palates including those of vegetarians and vegans, while meat eaters and seafood lovers enjoy perfectly seasoned lamb chops, generous portions of veal, grilled shrimp, baked turbot and more.
Each ship has a specialty adult only restaurant for an additional charge and advanced reservation. Absolutely, do not miss the champagne brunch in the Magic’s Palo. The food and service are comparable to any five-star restaurant and the brunch is one of the best at sea. Surprisingly, at no time does the ship feel overrun with children, though the average cruise can contain up to 1000 “wee-sailors.” A variety of programs for all ages including teens, keep them engaged.

Families gather at the Goofy Pool to swim, shriek down the sliding board, or watch movies, cartoons, or special features on the jumbotron screen. Toddlers play in their own colorful water park where swim diapers are allowed. Every cruise includes “wee time and me time” for families and more adults are climbing aboard to enjoy the “me time” all by themselves.

To book a cruise or obtain more information on Disney and other cruise lines email: khaliambutts@gmail.com.